About Kidzart Products!

KidzArt Products is an art program that showcases a child's artwork on lasting keepsakes.

Our Mission at KidzArt Products is to bring the gift of art to everyone through our products, and our extraordinary international art education programs. At KidzArt Products, everyone can access the artist within.

KidzArt Products offers schools, individuals and other organizations an opportunity to encourage children to be enthusiastic about their own creativity. As a BONUS, each artist can create his or her personal FREE Art Gallery that can be accessed at any time. Or, you, your family and friends, can simply upload your artwork to our site and select a product of your choice for any occasion. If you're an artist, you can also showcase your work to customers on cool products. Call us at 800-379-8302 if you have any questions.

KidzArt Products can also help you achieve your fundraising goals! Whether you are looking to raise money for new equipment for your classroom or playground, KidzArt Products can help you achieve your goals. You do not need a team of volunteers.  You might need a helper for a couple of hours once.

KidzArt and Art Innovators offers a unique multi-media, multi-cultural art education program that develops self-confidence and creative thinking skills in ALL students. Our fundraiser programs always include a FREE art class. Visit www.kidzart.com and see how KidzArt and Art Innovators can make a difference.